Primrose Vale Easter Trail With A Toddler

The Easter holidays started off with some amazing sunshine this year! So we were very excited to go to to the Primrose Vale Easter trail in Cheltenham for Baby Ducks very first Easter activity. We knew Baby Duck was probably much too young to really take part, but we were just so excited that we went along anyway.

Here are some of our highlights and thoughts on the trail. It is open the whole of the Easter holidays so make sure you go along if you can!

Entrance Fee & Opening Times

Open 10am – 4pm Daily from Friday 7th April – 23rd April 2017. Entry fee is £5 per child participant, and includes a little prize at the end of the trail!

The pre school trail is a whole trail of its own on one side of the farm. It is recommended for children from the age of 3, but all ages are welcome. Although we knew Baby Duck was a bit too young, we were pleasantly surprised to see her have fun and get involved in the activities.

She was able to follow some basic instructions or copy our actions such as throwing the bean bags and matching up images. A lot of the activities were done by myself and Daddy Duck with Baby duck tagging along for the ride (as you can see in the video below!) but in all we had a really great time!

If you were hoping to take your 1-3 year old along to the trail, I would say it depends a lot on your child's development as to weather or not they would enjoy it. Baby Duck is very mobile and loves to run around, climb things, throw things etc. She is able to follow some basic instructions along with some demonstrations which enabled her to play along a bit more than some her age.

Another factor is how involved you want to get in the activities! If you are happy to do most of the activities yourself with little one tagging along to watch and learn then you would probably have a great time too. If you are not so keen on doing the activities yourself and your little one is not yet old enough or far enough along in their development to do at least some of the activities I wouldn't waste the £5! Rather go to the farm shop and cafe for a bacon roll or ice cream (I can confirm that the ice cream is amazing!). There is also a play park there with a sand pit, slides, swings and a few push around toys! And some bunny rabbits running around in an enclosure next to the play area.

If you have a 3+ year old along with a younger child, again this means at least someone will be involved enough for you all to have a good time helping or watching!

The Activities

I will start by confessing that we didn't actually finish the trail! We went along on a really hot day, and without much shade we found ourselves a bit too hot and bothered to carry on for very long, so we stopped after a few activities and had a picnic lunch and ice cream instead! But to give you a rough idea of what to expect, here are some of the activities we did complete!

Matching Images

The first activity on the trail (pre school trail) was a matching images activity. They had three separate themed boards, with pictures stuck up and a box of smaller matching images which you needed to stick under the correct image on the board.

Baby Duck quickly learned that you could stick the little pictures on the board (which she found very exciting) and with some guidance on what picture to find and where to stick it was able to stick the correct images on the board.

First activity, success! Although mostly becuase of mummy and daddy. I will point out though that when we returned with the 'big kids' the next day. She immediately knew what to do at the big board and impressed all the other mummies and daddies around her! So you can see she did learn something new.

Beanbag Throwing

The next activity was to throw some beanbags into the hole in the egg. Now my first thought would be that there was no way Baby Duck could complete this activity! The line was much further back than where she is standing in the photo, which would be her first limitation. Also - she is one, she can't aim! But after mummy and daddy had a few throws, she quickly proved us wrong by picking up the beanbags and started throwing.

I'm not saying that she was able to throw the beanbag anywhere near the egg (she couldn't of course) but she knew she had to throw it over the line. And she did. So we showed her the hole in the egg, and moved her forward a bit so she had a chance, and her first instinct was to run up to the egg and chuck her bean bag through the hole! I know that technically she is not doing the activity 'correctly', but I was pretty impressed with her giving it a go! And in our books, she had completed the activity perfectly!! Well done Baby Duck!

Easter Bunny Number Trail

I'm not sure if that is the correct name for the activity, but it kind of explains what it is you have to do! There is a grid set out with some rope in a field, and some bunnies are sitting patiently on the other side of the grid. On your side of the grid there are some instructions that you have to follow to find the correct bunny and mark it on your sheet.

The instructions are all numbers, so you have to follow directions such as '5 forward' and as you've probably guessed already, you move forward 5 places on the grid.

So there was no way Baby Duck could follow those kind of directions, so Daddy Duck had to go with her. She ended up having the best time, giggling away, being flung about the grid in 'hopping' motions by Daddy Duck to find the bunny! So in the end, we loved that activity too!

So that's where we left the trail in search of some shade, water and food! We sat in the shaded café area with our packed lunch (thankfully a high chair was available!) and we grabbed a cheeky ice cream before we decided it was probably time to go home as we had spent a lot of time in the sun and Baby Duck was getting tired.

So off we went to claim our prize (which you can see in the video below)! Thankfully we didn't need to actually complete the whole trail to 'win'. Happy Duckies!

Find out more about the trail and much more at [](

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