Primrose Vale Easter Trail: Family Day Out

Since Baby Duck has been in our lives, we have discovered the Primrose Vale Farm in Cheltenham, not too far away from were we live. Not only do they have a lovely little farm shop & cafe and pick your own fruit & veg, but they put on activities for families all year round to bring people onto the farm. We love it! In Autumn we went along to pick out some pumpkins and enjoy the beautiful 'Autumness' on the farm. We took so many photos and we looked forward to seeing all the farm had to offer.

So we were very excited to see that they were putting on an Easter trail! Baby Duck was around for last Easter, but far too small to notice! So we wanted to do something fun with her this Easter and start some new family traditions.

We did take her along to sample the pre school trail, just the three of us (read about that in the last post) but we thought it would be even more fun with older children, so we went back again with my younger bother and sister the next day to try the trail for older children. We spent two hours completing the trail and came away thoroughly worn out and feeling rather accomplished. We could've easily extended our day on the farm by having lunch in the cafe (yummy bacon rolls for sale) or packing a picnic.

Entrance Fee & Opening Times

Open 10am – 4pm Daily from Friday 7th April – 23rd April 2017. Entry fee is £5 per child participant, and includes a little prize at the end of the trail!

So here is our little overview of the trail and activities with an 11 year old, an 8 year old and a 14 month old (plus two rather playful mummies)!

Easter Bunny Number Trail

Similar to the activity in the pre school trail, just much larger! There is a grid set out with some rope in a field, and some bunnies are sitting patiently on the other side of the grid. On your side of the grid there are some instructions that you have to follow to find the correct bunny and mark it on your sheet.

The instructions are all numbers, so you have to follow directions such as '5 forward' and as you've probably guessed already, you move forward 5 places on the grid.

The children had no trouble with this activity, and followed the instructions easily to find the bunny waiting for them at the end! As Baby Duck was with us and desperate to get involved, we took it in turns to lead her through the steps along with the older children, which she loved. All ages happy so far!

Rolling Dice Puzzle

The next activity was really fun and even Baby Duck was able to get involved! There are three puzzles on each mat to be completed, so you would need up to three participants or teams. Alternatively, you could probably stretch across the three mats if you have a large group.

Each puzzle piece has a dice number marking on it and the aim of the activity is to roll the dice and collect the relevant puzzle piece with the same marking on. The first person or team to collect all their puzzle pieces (and build the puzzle) wins.

There is not much skill needed to participate in this activity other than being able to roll the dice and recognise the numbers on the puzzle pieces. The rest is all up to chance and the roll of a dice! So Baby Duck and Granny Duck made a great team as Baby Duck rolled the dice and Granny Duck picked out the puzzle pieces. They were able to complete the activity along with the older children and even managed to win the race!

Two activities down, all ages still happy!

Beanbag Throwing

As with the pre school trail, the trail for school aged children also had a bean bag throwing activity, just a little different! The aim was to collect points by throwing your beanbags onto different sized lily pads. The smaller the lily pad, the more points you get. This was actually surprisingly hard, and the children managed to get a better score than I did (possibly aiming to high by only aiming for the smallest lily pad)!

Baby Duck got involved by throwing the bean bags around again, but mostly she enjoyed standing and sitting on the lily pads. Simple Pleasures.

Three activities down, all still pretty happy!

Easter Quiz

Next up came some themed quizzes! There were ten in total, and this was by far the longest activity in the trail as we decided we wanted to complete all ten quizzes! There was an egg timer at each post, so to speed things up a bit, we decided to do a speed quiz and try answer all the questions before the egg timer ran out.

To maximise our time we each had a job. One person to read out the questions, one person to do the scoring, one person to do the egg timer and one person to answer the questions. We swapped the jobs for each quiz so we had a chance to do each job. This meant that we ended up competing against each other too which added a bit of an extra challenge to the activity!

Baby Duck couldn't really get involved in this one, so she was either running around or being carried by one of us.

Four activities down and although Baby Duck couldn't get involved, she was still happy enough to continue.

Ball Obstacle Course

The next activity involved a small ball and a mini obstacle course that you needed to guide the ball through with just one finger. The aim was to see who could get the ball to the finish line first!

It got a little challenging and the balls went flying a few times in all the excitement! Baby Duck was happy to chuck the ball back into the bucket when they older children had completed the challenge, but we didn't quite have time to show her how to guide the ball with her finger through the course so I'm not sure if she would've had a go or not.

Five activities down and we are getting a little tired. Baby duck is still happy enough though so we keep going!

Egg Packing

We kind of brushed past the fifth activity as we were feeling a bit tired and went onto activity number six which was to pack as many colourful eggs into egg boxes as you can in one minute! This got very messy, with colourful eggs and egg boxes all over the place as they scrambled to pack the boxes.

It was great fun, and Baby Duck really loved the colourful eggs! She was very helpful when it was time to tidy up as she loved picking up all the colourful eggs and putting them in the big barrel. The big kids not so much! So Baby Duck got to have a little challenge of her own gathering as many colourful eggs as she could and putting them in the barrel.

Six Activities done, a bit tired but still having fun and getting excited to pick out our prizes!

Final Farm Challenge and Prizes!

The final challenge was HARD. There was a big farm land map painted onto a wall, and the aim was to sort the different animals and crops into the correct fields by sticking little pictures onto the board and following some clues.

Even with the help of several other children participating in the trail, we didn't quite manage to complete this challenge. And to add to the difficulties, Baby Duck decided she wanted to play and kept moving the little pictures around on the map! She was just so proud to be able to get involved as it was similar to the picture sorting activity on the pre school trail, which she had learned how to do the day before.

So after several attempts, we gave up and went to collect our prize.

Trail completed! We are all tired, but very satisfied. Baby Duck had a great time, even thought the trail was for much older children so I think that is a win.

Well done Primrose Vale! We can't wait until your next activity trail.

Find out more about the Primorose Vale Farm Shop and all their activities at their website

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