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I have been a mummy to Baby Duck a whole year and three months this April. It has been my first time navigating the world of motherhood and parenting and honestly, I have loved it! Not to say it hasn’t been hard, because it truly has. But the reason for going through these challenges and life altering events is all for the most amazing little person, who I have the joy and privilege to call my own.

Before this wonderful adventure began, I ran my own business with my husband. In fact, I have run a few businesses in the past, as it is something I love and something that our family has always encouraged. I took the necessary maternity leave from working in my business but found I never really came back in the same way I had left off. Things were different. I didn’t have the concentration, the time or the headspace to continue doing what I was doing. Although I loved my business, I felt a shift.

My priorities had changed, of course they had! I was a mother, responsible for keeping an actual person alive, happy, loved and thriving. I loved my business, but I loved my baby more.

I felt a lot of guilt surrounding my business. Guilt that it was taking me away from my baby, and also I knew I wasn’t putting the same amount of effort, energy and love into the business that I had in the past. I think before, my business was my baby. Now I have a real baby... now what?!

The idea of being a stay-at-home mum and home maker is definitely appealing! And it is something I am lucky enough to be able to consider as my husband has a good job. But I do feel that unless I am building something, using my brain to create ideas and share them, I am missing a part of myself. Cue conflict! I want the best of both worlds! Can I have it?

With my current business... no. My current business, my first baby, requires all my attention and will pull me away from what it is I really want, which is to give my real baby all my time and energy! So what can I do?

After a whole year of being a mummy and figuring things out, something started happening, completely naturally. I shared my experiences on social media. I created beautiful photos and memories with my little girl, and wanted them to be seen, along with the story behind it all! I started blogging again, something I hadn’t done in a while, because it’s time consuming, but something I love.

I fell completely in love with Instagram. The beautiful imagery and the unique story telling that we don’t find on Facebook. It felt like a community of honest, authentic, creative mothers, and I wanted to be a part of it. So I started following people, reading their stories and became inspired to do the same. I started collecting followers of my own, and I loved that I could share my experiences as a mother in the form of photographs and short paragraphs and have them both appreciated. I started collecting little hearts and cute comments until one day I ran out of characters to tell a story. I didn’t even know Instagram had a limit as I had never reached it!

People began commenting on my writing, I am sure they were just being kind and encouraging. I started to think about writing and found I do really enjoy it. I find it therapeutic and I felt so good after getting my deepest thoughts into a coherent sentence, paragraph, story. So I blogged more, and shared more openly my experiences as a mother.

I loved getting responses to that and hearing other peoples stories, their encouragement and again felt such a sense of community. I loved it! I didn’t feel quite so alone or isolated. Most mothers are experiencing, or have experienced the same things as me. It encouraged me to share more and more and in turn heard more and more stories from other mums.

Then one day my husband had a brilliant idea. He was going to build me a website (he’s clever like that!). It was to be the start of a new venture, which in theory could be the start of a new business. Our creative brains set to work and thought out all we could do with this website. What products could we create, what services can we offer? We realised there was huge potential in our small idea if everything went in our favour. I became very, very excited!

So to start off, I am writing. Our new website is to start off as a blog. Something I am confident in maintaining and something I love. I am just going to share my experiences as a mother in hopes that some may find it helpful. I am going to take beautiful photographs to go with these stories and I am going to let my creativity flow in motherhood.

I love that I have found something that is absolutely no pressure, no stress, is fulfilling and fits in with my life as a mother. I wasn’t happy in my previous business because it was suited to a different lifestyle, and in all honesty, a different person.

Being a mother has taught me so much about myself, and I feel that in this stage of my life, I need to be true to myself. Be authentic, honest and unashamedly a mother. And if others would like to join me in this journey, I would love nothing more!

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