Life With A 12 Month Old: Monthly Update

Toddler in a box

Running Around and Feeling Victorious

Can you believe it, it’s been 12 whole months… 1 Year! So many people have said it before, but I am going to say it again; it’s gone so, so fast! When we decided to have a baby, I don’t think I realised just how short the ‘baby’ stage was. And now it’s pretty much over! She can walk, she can (or rather tries to!) communicate, she can navigate getting on and off the sofa or our bed, she climbs the stairs and she can drink from a cup by herself.

This year has been the most amazing year of my life; being a mummy has changed my whole life and I have absolutely loved it! And I am feeling so proud (and victorious!!) that we have made it through our first year. I can’t wait to tackle this next year of being parents to a bright, bubbly, energetic toddler!

The Singing, Dancing, Drawing Toddler

I don’t want to wish any time away with Emily, but I am excited to start doing more crafty, interactive activities together! So this month, we tried some drawing with the Aquadoodle. It was great fun, and although she didn’t quite get it right away, she did manage a few scribbles!

Toddler with Aquadoodle

We’ve also been playing with musical instruments and making all sorts of different sounds with glass bottles and pasta, rice foil… Anything that makes a noise! Emily seems to like hitting the drums, especially her toy drum that lights up.

Toddler playing with Duplo blocks

Playing with Duplo blocks has also been a favourite, especially with daddy! She mostly just tried to knock down any towers daddy builds, as usual, but hopefully soon she will be making some towers of her own. ♥

The Toddler with a Shoe Size

Toddlers first pair of shoes

First shoes from Clarks! They did a great job measuring her feet, making sure she had the correct size and advised on a suitable style of shoe for her walking ability. If you are thinking of purchasing little one's first pair of shoes, definitely go for a visit!

Emily got her first pair of proper walking shoes this month — which means she is the proud owner of a super cute, bright pink kickers with a shoe size of three-and-a-half. She was so good whilst having her feet measured, quite happy to let the lady get on with it. She probably found it quite fascinating seeing someone play with her foot with all sorts of strange contraptions! She was a little wobbly at first when she tried to go for a walk, I think she probably just needs to get used to lifting her feet up a little more when she walks!

The Birthday Girl

And of course, this month is going to end with a big birthday celebration! We had so much fun with her on her birthday and created so many wonderful memories. As Emily has loved ducks since she was able to show love for anything... of course we had to have a duck theme!

Planning a first birthday party was just a tad stressful. I have never planned a party for a baby, and was very conscious that I wanted the party to be for her. I wanted her to enjoy it rather than planning an overcomplicated event that she wouldn't even notice or appreciate. I got stressed with the guest list, the party theme, the decorations, THE CAKE! In the end the best advice I got was to make it all about her. Invite one or two of her baby friends, and have a play. Make her favourite food to eat. And to make sure she enjoyed and appreciated the party theme, we purchased a giant rubber duck and decorated in yellow and white. Gone were the dreams of a pretty-in-pink girly first birthday decorations, but we absolutely loved it. It was perfect, because it so reflected Emily and her happy, chilled yet loud personality.

And OHMYGOODNESS the cake. There were several attempts at the healthy, sugar free variety but in the end the sugar won as I just could not get the others to work! I managed a sugar free cream cheese frosting at least. We made a big birthday cake for her party along with some cupcakes and a mini cake that was just for her. All were covered in rubber duckies! Which she loved. And smeared everywhere. Setting her loose on her own cake in front of the camera on the morning of her first birthday was one of the best decisions we've ever made as parents.

Emily Olivia is One ♥

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