The Anticlimax: My Cesarean Story Part 2

So here we are at the birth centre on Sunday morning around 8.30. After an adventure of a night, with no sleep and quite a bit of pain, I am happy to be here with my ‘aromatherapy stick’ getting ready to welcome our baby girl into the world!

We were welcomed straight away into our private room by a lovely midwife who called me by name as soon as I walked through the door. The room was incredibly spacious, with a sofa, a bed/couch, a big armchair and a birthing pool. There was also a little kitchen area and a bathroom. Amazing! We were given our space right away so we could get ourselves comfy and get used to our surroundings. We weren’t really sure what to do with ourselves so we explored the room a little, before I experienced another massive gush of water (partnered with massive contraction) and had to get myself changed.

When we were settled, a new midwife appeared to take over the day shift! We had a little chat about what happened the night before so she could tell us what would happen next. I had noticed my contractions had slowed down quite a bit, but she said that was completely normal as the excitement of being here can mess around with my body a little. So she suggested I try get some rest while I could, as we fully expected to have a baby that afternoon!

Shortly after I awoke, my mom appeared at the birth centre! We weren’t expecting her so it came as a bit of a surprise. But a lovely surprise as she was able to take care of my husband (who was suffering with a toothache) and get him breakfast! I was still having contractions, but they seem to have slowed right down which started to worry me a little. The midwife suggested we go out for a bit, maybe for a walk or even go home for the afternoon and come back when things have picked up a little! I was a bit unsure as I really didn’t want to go home. I wanted to stay and have a baby!! The midwife sensed my hesitance and I’m sure she understood. We asked if I could have a physical examination to check if I was dialated to help us make the decision, but they couldn’t even do that because they didn’t want to risk infection after my waters had gone. In the end, the midwife did have a look through a strange contraption (probably not that strange, but I can’t remember what it’s called!) and said that couldn’t even see my cervix so there really wasn’t much point me staying as I was no where near ready.

It was a major disappointment, but not the end of the world. We thought we just had a little wait ahead of us. That was until we were told that if the baby wasn’t born within 24 hours of my waters breaking, I would have to go to hospital to be induced. That was when panic set in. I didn’t want to have my baby in a busy hospital. I didn’t want to be wired up to machines. I definitely didn’t want to have a baby lying in a hospital bed (the only comfort I had found during contractions so far was to stand and sway from side to side squeezing my husband!) and I didn’t want to go all the way to Gloucester, far from my home.

So home we went, not really knowing what to expect for the rest of the day. We were hoping that things would speed at at home and we would be back before evening comes, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Both my husband and I don’t really remember much about the rest of the day. I seem to remember going to the McDonald's drive through on the way home and watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother whilst monitoring my contractions. My contractions didn’t speed up for a quite a while (around 20–30 mins apart), so I was able to eat without too much discomfort.

By that night they were back to 10 mins apart, lasting around a minute each time, all through the night. I was in agony, but there was nothing we could do. My husband was my rock, I am so grateful to him. With each contraction he was there, ready to hold me up and let me squeeze him as hard as I needed to. We developed a sort of ‘slow dance’ to get me through. Every now and then we had a little chuckle about it. It was nice, almost romantic!

I tried a warm bath and found myself falling asleep in between contractions. This was pretty much the only sleep I had got since the birth center in the morning, and the only sleep I would have for quite some time. My husband vaguely remembers drifting off to sleep on the sofa, with a horrible tooth ache still, waking up to me pacing the living room again in the early hours of the morning. When 9 oclock came around, there was still no baby. So we called the hospital.

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