Simple Valentine’s craft with a 1 year old

Emily has just turned one and is starting to get more interested and interactive with the world! She is not quite old enough to get into crafts, but there are some simple and fun ways she can get involved. Here is one simple Valentine’s Craft activity that even a one year old can have fun with.

Step 1: Get Messy!

This is the part the your little one can get involved with! Let’s face it, it’s one of their God given talents…

Baby finger painting

We chose to go with red paint, as it is the most obvious colour for Valentine’s day. We used generic children’s paint as I am confident Emily won’t try to eat it! But if you think your little one will be far too curious as to what it tastes like, I would recommend making your own edible baby friendly paint (great recipe here) so you don’t have to worry about it.

Baby painting

We did a mixture of finger painting, playing with a paint brush (or sponge) and we also made a few handprints. This was Emily’s first time painting with a brush, and after a little demonstration she was happy to give it a go herself! Once she got used the the paint and had a little play with it herself, she was happy for me to paint her hand (whilst singing ‘round and round the garden’) and help to to ‘splat’ her hand on the page to create a lovely hand print — or more like hand ‘blob’! We found the best hand prints were the third attempt after painting her hand as there was much less paint and so didn’t have that ‘blob’ effect.

The rest of this project took place after Emily had gone to bed as there was not much that she could actually be involved with. If you would prefer to complete the whole project together, you could let your little one continue painting whilst you carry on.

Step 2: Create a heart shape template

heart shape template

Create a heart shape template by folding a piece of card in half and cutting the shape of a heart (half a heart shape — remember doing this at school?!)

Step 3: Draw Your Heart Shapes

Draw Your Heart Shapes

Use your heart shaped template to draw outlines on your little ones paintings. Try to be economical in where you place the template to make sure you get the most out of each piece of beautiful baby art!

Step 4: Cut Out Your Shapes

Cut out your shapes

Cut out your heart shapes by cutting round the outlines you have drawn. Save your bits of scrap paper that still hold beautiful baby art for later.

Step 5: Thread Your Hearts Together

thread your hearts together

Using a needle and thread, string your hearts together, evenly spaced. You could measure your thread before hand to make sure your garland fits the space you intend to hang it!

Step 6: Embellish your garland

embellish your garland

Use those extra bits of artwork that you saved to cut out more (smaller) heart shapes or circles, stars, flowers or any other shape you fancy! Place these in between your hearts using sticky tape.

Step 7: Hang Your Finished Garland ❤

finished valentine's garland

These garlands are great as they can look both classy or fun depending on where you put them. You can even add more embellishments (glitter anyone?!) or mix it up with some different shapes and colours. The possibilities are endless, but the most important thing is to have fun with your little one and create some beautiful memories!

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