My Top 3 Pregnancy Apps for Expectant Mothers

There really is an app for everything in this day and age, and I love having a phone that can be my communication device, camera, computer and now my go to place for my pregnancy information! I lived for the pregnancy apps whilst I was pregnant with Baby Duck, and I loved checking in each day to see what was happening. So, with my extensive research and user testing, here are my top 3 pregnancy apps!

#1 Pregnancy+ A fantastic, all inclusive pregnancy app. Although there is a fee to access all the features, the overview below will show why it is worth the £3.99.
#2 I’m Expecting A very similar app to Pregnancy+ with the added bonus of video and health & fitness features.
#3 Baby Center Full of informative articles and a buzzing online community. Unfortunately some versions of the app (different countries/languages) have limited features.

Pregnancy+ Baby Tracker App

#1 Pregnancy +

Free | £3.99 Upgrade to access all features

This is my absolute favourite pregnancy app. It took me right through my pregnancy from calculating my due date, right through to clicking the 'baby already born' button. I paid for the upgraded version of this app (the free version is very limited), but I hope this post will show you how completely worth it, it was!

This was the most informative and beautifully presented app I found with the most breath taking images of babies in the womb. It is easy to navigate and a joy to look at each day to learn more about pregnancy, what your baby is up to and what you can expect from each stage.

Here is a little run down of what you can find in the app:

Your Account

Create your own account so you can log in and keep your information saved and accessible at any time.

Due Date Calculator

There is a handy tool that helps you calculate your due date if you are in the very early stages before your booking appointment with your midwife. It uses information about your cycle and the date of your last period, and I found it to be incredibly accurate as it was the same due date we were given at our 12 week scan.

Personal Dashboard

Your personal dashboard is your home page and displays how many days pregnant you are, which week of pregnancy you are in and which trimester you are in. This is all displayed over a beautiful image of a baby in a womb, at the same stage pregnancy you are in. It's beautiful details like these that made me fall in love with the app even before I discovered the depth of information and the tools that the app made available to me.

Daily Blog

This pretty much says it all. Every day there is a new blog to read with subjects relevant to your stage of pregnancy. So helpful, informative and encouraging to read as your pregnancy progresses.

Daily Info

As well as a blog, there is an info page full of detailed information on each day of your pregnancy. Very informative and I always found this really helpful. Also, I love that I can check in EVERY DAY!

Weekly Info

There is also and update each week on your baby and your pregnancy. It details the average weight and length of a baby at that stage and gives a little description of your baby's development, what it looks likes and what is does in your womb!

It also gives you an update on what is happening with your body, it's not only about the baby, but the pregnancy as a whole! It can be encouraging to find out that what you are going through each week is normal.

It also includes some general health and tips to keep you at your best through your pregnancy, and one of the best features, partner's info! I love that this app includes your partner in the experience, giving them advice and valuable information, and helping them to cope with all the changes pregnancy brings.

There is also a section on twins or multiples. I can imagine a multiples pregnancy brings a whole extra set (or two) of aches, pains and worries. But don't worry, there is extra support there for you too!

Finally, at the end of the weekly info page there is an option to add your weekly note and even a photo! This can then be shared on social media or exported to your notes app/cloud storage/email or to another device by bluetooth/beam/wifi direct/quick connect. This means that this app is not only a source of information and tracking, it can also be used as a pregnancy journal.


There are a lot of images with this app, so here are the three main image sections on your personal dashboard.

Weekly Image

This gives you an amazing visual into your baby each week! The lifelike image is truly breathtaking, unlike any image of a baby in the womb you have ever seen! There is also the more recognisable 2D scan image and a 3D scan image. Now, obviously these images are not of your baby, but still can give you an idea what your baby may look like all tucked away inside of you!

Pregnancy+ Weekly Image

Monthly Image

This shows you an overall image of how your baby fits inside your body. I found this fascinating, as you can't always tell what is happening inside of you! I loved to imagine my little one snuggled up in there, and this helped me to understand more about how she was fitting in there.

Pregnancy+ Monthly Image

Baby Fruit Comparison

I really loved this part - comparing the size of my unborn baby to different kinds of fruit! My husband and I loved to guess each week what the fruit would be and loved having something tangible to see how big Baby Duck was getting.

Pregnancy+ Monthly Image

Helpful Planning, Recording and Support Features

I think aside from the beautiful photos and the detailed informative information, the planning, recording and support features are what set this app apart from the rest. This app was not only fun to look at, but it was also incredibly useful in recording important information and supporting me with useful tools. Here are the main planning, recording and support features that we used.


There is a pregnancy timeline from week 1 to 40 that gives you an idea of what appointments, tests, scans and tasks happen and at what time. There is the big important events like scans and screening tests all the way to the ideal time to set up the nursery or write your birth plan.

Kick Counter

I remember reading everywhere about the babies kicks and how we need to be so aware of them and become intimate with their movement habits so we are able to spot if anything seems wrong as soon as possible. So the kick counter can come in very useful in those times when you feel a little worried about your babies movements.

Useful Guides

There are plenty of useful guides for your food, labour, exercise and medical questions.

Trackers and Tools

There is a weight tracker, monthly belly photo tracker, appointments, to do lists and even a birth plan outline! There is a hospital bag check list, shopping list and a list of baby names. You know, in case you need some help!

Contraction Timer

This was SO HELPFUL when I was in labour. I had a bit of a long slow labour so this was really helpful in keeping us completely aware of what was happening with my contractions and helped us to know when to call the hospital or when to wait it out. There is even a history so you can save everything you have recorded which is helpful when relaying information to midwives or doctors. I loved this also becuase my husband was able to do all the talking for me. All my contractions were recorded so there was no need for me to use my brain to try and remember how long they were lasting or how much time there was between them. My husband just looked at the app and was able to take control of the situation. And very importantly, he was free and able to support me. And that was important.

Download at the App Store or the Play Store

I'm expecting

#2 I'm Expecting


This app is very similar to the Pregnancy+ app, and you may even prefer it as it has some extra features that Pregnancy+ doesn't offer! This is the reason it is my close second favourite app used through my pregnancy and I would more often than not, check in with both apps at the same time.

What is similar or the same?

The main features of this app are the same or at least similar to Pregnancy+. You are able to have your own account and log in, there is a due date calculator tool and personal dashboard.

Week by Week Guide

Unlike the Pregnancy+ app which has something new for you to check every day, I'm expecting has a week by week guide. Although it is not every day, the content for the week by week guide is similar to the weekly info on pregnancy plus. But I always found myself reading both apps as the information is slightly different (not conflicting) or has a different focus. The week by week guide has two focusses; what's happening to your baby and what's happening to your body. These also feature the 'fruit/vegetable' size comparison that we see in Pregnancy+. Inside your week by week guide is also a weekly article, health tip, top symptoms and a weekly 'to-do'.

What makes this app different?


A major plus to this app is that it has video! In your week by week guide, alongside the articles and updates are two weekly videos, one focussing on your pregnancy and the other focussing on fetal development. My husband and I would check in every week and watch the videos together, we loved it. The only criticism that I have would be that the two ladies presenting the videos seemed really awkward and a bit 'stiff'. But we just had a laugh together about it and watched on for the information.

Symptoms Manual

On your week by week page, there is also 'Top Symptoms' section which shows the top 3 pregnancy symptoms present at your stage of pregnancy. This is always helpful to see if what you are feeling is normal!

Health & Fitness Progress Charts

This app is very health focussed and has many health and fitness tools such as a step counter, which can also link with your Fitbit and other similar devices. There is also an option to fill in your health profile with your height and pre pregnancy weight. This information is all then put together in a progress chart.

Calendar & Reminders

In the calendar you can input your weight each day/week/month, your pregnancy symptoms, any treatments you're on, scans/screenings/tests, baby info and other measurements and finally your own notes. This is great if you are the sort of person that likes to keep track of everything! You can then also set reminders for each of these entries.


Unlike Pregnancy+, I'm expecting has several communities you can join and chat to other mum's of a similar age or with similar interests. I didn't make use of this feature personally, but I'm sure this would be very useful to many mums to be out there!

Download at the App Store or the Play Store

Baby Centre

#3 Baby Centre - My Pregnancy & Baby Today


Baby Centre is amazing and as a mother I am still on the website every single day. There is just so many resources and information for parents right from pre pregnancy to toddlers and possibly even beyond! The website is invaluable and the app is a great extension of that.

What is similar or the same?

Your home screen is very similar to the first two apps. It displays what week of pregnancy you are in, and how many days you have to go. It also uses the fruit/vegetable comparison (I wonder who came up with that first?!).
Like the I'm Expecting app, Baby Centre also has a major emphasis on communities through the 'Birth Club' which is one of the 3 main sections of the app. Other than that, the app is quite different.

What makes this app different?

This app seems to be based around a timeline. Each day as you scroll down the timeline there are a few articles you can read, that are obviously relevant to your stage in pregnancy. At the beginning of each new pregnancy week there is a little update on your baby's development, and an option to take a 'bumpie' (selfie with the bump)! This is kept in your bumpie gallery on the app so you can look back over each week and watch your belly grow.

This app also features video throughout the daily posts.

Although it may seem that this app doesn't have much to offer compared to the first two, I would say that the daily articles are incredibly informative, supportive and interesting. Again, the reason this is my number 3 is becuase I would check into this app as well as the first two because of these different features.

I have noticed that there are a lot more tools in some versions of this app, but in the version I had the tools were limited. Here's what Baby Centre says: versions of the app for the various languages & countries have different features. Not every version currently has all available tools, but we are continually adding new features to our apps as we can.

Download at the App Store or the Play Store

So in conclusion, all three apps can work together very well if you are the sort of person who likes multiple apps! But if you want just the one, consider which features are the most important to you, and use this review to give you a little insight into what each app will give you.

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