Motherhood in 14 Instagram Posts

As I am writing this, it is not only my second Mother's Day, but also Baby Ducks 14th month in this world! So I thought I would look back over my Instagram posts from the last 14 months (as I regularly do!) and share my favourite or most significant post from each month to give you a glimpse into motherhood from our perspective.

I have really loved Instagramming since Baby Duck was born, firstly because I had an adorable baby that was just so photogenic! Secondly, Instagram is full of mothers being fun and creative with photographing their babies as well as being honest and open in their captions on motherhood. I loved it, and wanted to be a part of it. So you will find that I am always honest, sharing the highs and lows, the pretty and the ugly. In doing so I hope to portray an honest depiction of motherhood for other mothers (or mothers to be) to be able to relate to, and find hope and encouragement - as I have by following other mothers with the same values ♥

So here is our 14 month journey so far... In Instagram posts!

26 January 2016

That first meeting. It took a little while for this moment to sink in as I was very much out of it by this time! So I am so grateful for the photographs taken by my husband the hospital staff or else I may not have even remembered this moment. Bringing Emily into this world was tough. But it makes this parenting thing seem so easy in comparison so maybe it was a blessing in disguise... I'll let you know how I feel after the teenage years!

01 February 2016

How can I still be completely in love with this little munchkin after the night she's put us through?! It must be magic ;)

06 March 2016

My first Mother's Day present! I had a bit of a teary moment... So special <3 I am so blessed to have the most wonderful husband and daughter. Happy Mothers Day! x

11 April 2016

Feeling very emotional this afternoon as I am packing away the very first baby grows we got ready for Emily before she was born. I can remember setting them out in her cot as we waited in anticipation! We were so very excited imagining the wonderful little baby that would wear those baby grows. What would she look like? Smell like? Sound like? Even a part of me wondered if she should fit in these tiny little things?! Now she is nearly 3 months old! Sleeping next to me as I fold her clothes, the most beautiful and perfect little bundle. My heart is so full and I can't help but get a little teary at the amazing journey we have been on to get here. We are parents now, and Emily is growing so fast. I hope with all my heart that I don't let a single day go by where I don't stop and remember to take every little moment in so I can treasure it forever in my memory!

09 May 2016

Today marks a brand new chapter for our little family! I am so very proud of my husband who has started a new job today, a job that he has been dreaming about and working hard for, for many years now. I am blown away at how fast Emily has grown from a tiny little baby to a beautiful and fascinating little personality and is learning and trying new things every day! The the future has a lot in store for the two loves of my life, and more than ever I want to focus my time and energy to nurturing, supporting and loving them. For this chapter in our life I am dedicated to being a wife and mother, seeking God and being a vessel of his love <3

22 June 2016

This little lady did not sleep a wink last night. Right up until her little head hit our bed this morning. Then like magic, she is asleep! If only I knew what was going through her head, maybe I could understand why she is doing this to me 😂😂 I think that's why babies are so cute, so that we forgive them easily 😛 Hahahaa love her xx

26 July 2016

My baby is 6 months old today <3 Such a major milestone, what a journey we have been on 😄 I absolutely love being mommy to this little girl and I am in awe of the beautiful little creature she is growing into. I love how sociable she is and how she shares the love with everyone around her with her cheeky little smile. Her laugh is like beautiful music to my ears, and my heart fills with gooey, sticky love every time I hear even a feint giggle <3 I am lost in her big beautiful brown eyes as they study my face and her tiny hands are now able to examine all the nooks and crannies it holds with careful precision. I am starting to get a small hint of her cheeky, loving and inquisitive personality and I can't wait to get to know it more and more as she grows into it. There are so many emotions and thoughts and feelings about our six months together, I can hardly put them all into words. All I can say is being her mommy is what I was created for, and I hope with all my heart that I do the very best job of it that I can!

15 August 2016

Today will be all about finding the balance between work and being a mummy. There are plenty of mummy duties to be done (and enjoyed I might add!) Laundry, general tidying up after my messy little family and preparing baby food for the week. My mummy privileges also include playing with the most delightful little monkey, watching her enjoy new tasty foods and making beautiful everyday memories that will be treasured always.

30 September 2016

Didn't quite make it through the week this time, quite honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed. Thank goodness for naps and Friday...and mummy's...although most of the time my instagram is about me being a mummy, today I really needed mine <3 We'll try again next week!

31 October 2016

Sometimes looking after a little one by yourself all day is hard. Especially when you add in housework, cooking three meals and cleaning the aftermath of Emily's lunch! 😂 But the alternative would be to only see Emily for two hours a day and miss so many beautiful moments that we share in between all the madness. I am so very grateful that I am able to be with her everyday and be the one to teach her how to walk in the leaves and clap her hands! Yes, those are this last weeks achievements so far 😉

11 November 2016

It's been a bit of an up and down day today. We woke up feeling very tired, as Emily was up throughout the night demanding feeds and cuddles. Which was fine, because I know she is not feeling well. But when morning came I could not believe the transformation! It seems lots of mummy milk and cuddles (and Calpol!) did the trick :) Her temperature was back down to normal and she had got her playfulness back. But alas after a wonderful two hour nap, she woke up with spots all over her tummy. And I freaked out. I did the glass test, and perhaps my eyes were deceiving me, but I they were not disappearing! In a panic I looked up meningitis symptoms on the NHS website and to my dismay, over the last few days she had showed about half of the symptoms (my brain failed to rationalise and realise they were just the more generic of the symptoms) I messaged Sam at work sharing my panic and got a very stern phone call back instructing me to call 111 right away. So I did, and Sam came rushing home. I spoke to the wonderfully calm and kind lady on the phone and answered a zillion questions before she informed me someone would call me back. She didn't seem worried, so I calmed down a little. Sam arrived home before the next phone call came and reassured me, made me feel better and less alone. Then another phone call and another zillion questions answered, it seemed Emily was absolutely fine and the doctor assured me that it's not meningitis but seeing someone at the local pharmacy could possibly give me some more answers about the rash! So I felt better, and was able to relax whilst Emily played with her nanny and grampy who also so kindly came over whilst all the was going on. As the rash was spreading, I started to feel uneasy again so off to the pharmacy we went, where again we were reassured that the rash was completely harmless and just a mild skin irritation. By the end of the day I am completely exhausted and totally worn out. I'm still not sure I will sleep tonight as I am still worrying about that little bundle sleeping in the next room, wondering if I could just stick her in bed next to me. Being a parent is hard. It's scary. Terrifying in fact. But so much love x

31 December 2016

It's 9pm New Years Eve and we are done for the night! This picture was taken Christmas Eve, but it's pretty much where we have been all week 😂 We have had a proper rest, ate loads and been binge watching LOST. 2016 has been incredible and we are finishing it off by chilling in our PJ's, continuing our LOST binge and attempting to polish off the last of the Christmas junk food! Because as you all know, January means no more rubbish! 😂😂 But on a serious note, this year has been amazing for us. A beautiful baby was born and we became parents. Sam got his dream job and is doing really well! We celebrated our 3rd year of marriage and our 25th year of life! I don't want to be one of those people who post about how perfect their life is so I will say, there has been pleeenty of awful, yuck stuff that has happened this year as well, but I choose to dwell on the positive and to be grateful for all that has been given to us ❤️

2 January 2017

I have been up since early o'clock this morning just lying in bed and baby is going to be reaching a year old this month! 😢 It's such a strange feeling...I don't want to say bitter/sweet because I'm not bitter! I am just suprised and overwhelmed at how quickly the 'baby' stage goes by. Being parents has only just begun to set in as with a baby it is all about cute, hazy, exhausted cuddles and finding ways to sooth and calm cries and moans and trying to figure out what is wrong so we can fix it... Now we are teaching Emily the basics of functioning as a tiny human! And with that comes the concept of right and wrong, the begginings of discipline and concequences. Now we are REALLY parents 😂 I found myself sobbing at old newborn pictures as I was hit with the reality that a year is such a short amount of time, and I am glad that I have savoured it. I am so excited about her first birthday, and I am really looking forward to seeing the beautiful little girl that Emily will become ❤ I pray that as parents, we have the wisdom, patience and kindess we need to raise this precious girl. And we could totally do with your prayers too! 😅😅

21 February 2017

Sleepy baby 😍 She is finally starting to look a bit better after her horrible cold! Although her nose is still a bit snotty, and she's got a bit of a chesty cough, she finally slept through the night last night which is always a great sign 😂 She has been totally off her food lately, which means she has been waking up in the night wanting more milk 😕 Or maybe she would've just prefered a midnight snack 😛 haha She didn't eat (much) of her breakfast this morning, but did have a morning and afternoon milk session...let's hope we have more luck with lunch! She's grown so much and is so chunky...I'm worried for her chunk! 😂😂 Nearly a whole month over 1 year ❤❤

25 March 2017

Me & my girl ❤️ This last month has been a difficult one for many reasons, but this last week my heart has been so happy. I know it is mother's day tomorrow, but I want to say it today... I love being this girls mummy! She makes my heart sing when she comes running into my arms for cuddles and gives me kisses. She has such a cheeky sense of humour, she makes me giggle every day. She is so incredibly clever (takes after her dad!) and learns so fast. Although it has taken her 14 months to say 'mama'. And today was my lucky day! 😍

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